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What if my son/daughter is homesick?

We know each young person is different – some settle in quickly and enjoy their new experiences.   They are keen to share these with family and  happily skype home.   Others take a little longer but with the help, support and experience of their host families, backed up by us, they are helped to be settled and happy.   It is extremely rare and a last resort for a student to return home.

What happens if my child is ill?

People are sometimes ill and all involved in the students care have the skills and experience to deal with day to day ailments.   The Applicaton/Registration form completed before the visit gives details of any medical issues such as allergies. Information is shared with those who need to know which of course includes the local host family and school.

In the event of an Emergency, we will use our local Accident and Emergency service (free at the point of contact)

If there is any other non routine health concern, we will arrange an appointment with a local Doctor.

We will of course be in regular contact with you so that you are not unduly worried and provide you with some control of the situation – you know your son/daughter better than anybody!

What if my son/daughter finds school difficult?

The first few days can be challenging – new language, different culture and a feeling of being out of place are common.   Usually, these worries fade very quickly.   The host family is experienced with “the first day” and will be an invaluable help.   We are very lucky to have arrangements with good local schools that do not tend to work with the larger agencies.   The staff are used to educating and caring for students from abroad and work hard to help.    We are in regular touch with students, the school and host families and this helps in the first few days and indeed for the whole of the stay.   Students enjoy the range of subjects and are keen to try something new – perhaps drama, art or textiles – learning a new skill is a good distraction!

What if my son/daughter requires a special diet?

Most needs can be catered for – we just all need to work together.

You may have more questions!  We will of course be pleased to answer any others you have – just ask!   If we are in regular touch, your child’s stay will probably be problem free – most difficulties are easy to resolve if we all work together!”