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Why Use The Culture Exchange?

We are a specialist professional organisation with extensive local area knowledge. The Partners, Julia and Sarah, are skilled and experienced people who have strong links with other organisations involved in the education and care of young people.

Learning and social experiences are provided to students from diverse cultural backgrounds. We do this by:

  • Securing places in a good local English State School to develop written and spoken English
  • Offering a range of activities including art, music, sports and outdoor activities
  • Organising trips to places of  cultural interest
  • Providing lots of opportunities to make friends and generally have fun
  • Arranging informal learning to help develop maturity, promote independence and develop skills for life

The students are helped to make the most of their stay by being placed with skilled, caring and fully checked local host families.

The Culture Exchange is available 24/7 as a reliable contact point for students, their families and host families.

We have Policies and Procedures in place designed to underpin our work. These provide support and guidance for everyone involved in the education and care of your son/daughter.

Our experience and attention to detail help ensure a safe, secure and enjoyable stay in England that promotes the learning, health and wellbeing of students. Our approach also encourages them to try new experiences and make friendships and memories for life!